Atomizer Introduction And How to Clean It

The most popular model at present uses a low-resistance 510 atomizer mostly. This particular atomizer has a cone to cover it. This cone also streamlines the drip tip on the top of the atomizer and enhances its elegance. There are a couple of models which also use 910 atomizer but this 510 atomizer is the most common one.

It is very strange fact that, sometimes, people call the atomizers as attys and type it “a t t y” though the atomizer contains only a single “t”. Atomizers can either be High-resistance or Low-resistance. A high-resistance atomizer uses a high voltage battery whereas the one with low-resistance has a regular battery. This low-resistance atomizer allows you to enjoy a strong and hot throat hit. You should always use a high mAH battery for a low-resistance atomizer to increase the battery life otherwise it will die off quickly and you’ll need to purchase a new one.

Some people are used to clean the atomizer regularly. It is not a difficult task; you need to boil the atomizer in hot water and then blow it out from the opposite end. If you want to get all the juice out of the atomizer; unscrew it first and then blow from the backend. Take off the drip tip and clean the juice from the end of the atomizer to remove it thoroughly. Use a paper towel to hold one end and blow from the end having threads on it. After following all these steps, you can fill the atomizer with a new flavor that you desire or leave it overnight to drain the juice properly.

Many people do not bother to spend their time in cleaning the atomizer to keep it going. Even if you aren’t able to purchase in bulk, atomizers are inexpensive and cost as low as four dollars or five dollars. Most of the hard core smokers smoke at least one pack of cigarettes a day and there is hardly any pack of cigarettes which costs five dollars now-a-days. Replacing your atomizer for five dollars is really worth spending which will allow you to enjoy the best taste that you want to have.

The life span of an atomizer ranges from one day to six months. But there is a lot of taste difference b/w these two atomizers. A six months old atomizer doesn’t taste good as compared to the one which you replace frequently. Actually an old atomizer gets “gunked up” which means some of the liquids have caked up on the coil and the coil becomes invisible. The condition becomes worst when the e-liquid and the sugars on it get caked up on the coil. The e-cigarette will have an awful taste and most people wouldn’t like to continue using an e-cigarette with such a bad taste.

Now you will have a better idea on the importance of replacing the atomizer of an e-cigarette. It is important to replace the atomizer after a few weeks. A low-resistance atomizer with a 900mAH battery lasts from one week to four weeks depending on its quality. Take my example for instance; most of the atomizers that I used lasted at least for a week, however there were only a few ones that were unable to do so. If your atomizers are not able to last for a week on regular basis, you need to purchase them from somewhere else to attain the better results.

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